2 Day Live Event


11-12 August  2018     /     Melbourne     /    Nick Schuster - Ultimate Physio

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        Why give up your precious weekend to sit in a room for 2 days?

        Who should attend ?

        Physio clinic owners.

        Who are too busy trying to do everything in your business.

        All the regular patients want to book in with you.

        But you have to run the business, find new patients for your people, do marketing, keep an eye on the numbers and find new staff.

        If you want better performance from your physios and admin staff, this workshop is geared towards your challenges and needs.

        Why should you attend?

        If you aspire to growing your business, and being able to reduce your working hours through improving the performance and productivity of your physio and admin staff, this is the workshop for you. As a proactive clinic owner you have learned about how to run your business, and you have likely learned and implemented some of the key concepts around marketing and generating new patients for your business. Take the next step in your business education, and learn about your greatest untapped resource in your business - your team.

        What are the 7 common mistakes you will solve at this workshop?

        1. You haven’t shifted your mindset from physio who owns a clinic to clinic owner

        2. You don't have the leadership skills to develop your team to their potential

        3. Negative beliefs are holding your team members back, and you don’t know what they are, let alone how to help them

        4. You don’t trust your team enough so you have to micromanage them - and they see you as their boss, not their leader

        5. You have only mentored your people from a clinical perspective and you don’t know how to help them in any other ways

        6. Your team members aren’t thinking long term

        7. You don’t understand the people on your team well enough


        What will you learn?

        At the “build a high performing team workshop you will learn:

        The process to shift your mindset from physio who owns a clinic, to clinic owner

        How to give your people direction and clear expectations of their roles, which they take ownership of

        A process to discover what is holding your people back, and break through their challenging behaviours

        Why it is vital to trust your team more, and transform from micromanager to leader

        How to mentor your people as physios but more importantly as people

        A proven way to create the shift resulting in your team members thinking long term

        The benefit of having a deep understanding of what drives your people

        Agenda At A Glance

        Day 1: Saturday 11th August 2018

        07:45 — 08:00    Registration

        08:00 — 10:00    Module 1: Physio to Clinic Owner

        10:00 — 10:15       Break

        10:15 — 12:15         Module 2: Become a Leader

        45 Minute Intermission And Lunch Break

        13:00 — 14:45       Module 3: Understand Your Team

        14:45 — 15:00       Break

        15:00 — 16:45       Module 4 : Team Barriers

        16:45 — 17:00       Wrap up, optional drinks

        Day 2: Sunday 12th August 2018

        07:45 — 08:00       Registration

        08:00 — 10:00       Module 4: Team Barriers

        10:00 — 10:15          Break

        10:15 — 12:15            Module 5: Manager to Leader

        45 Minute Lunch Break

        13:00 — 14:45          Module 6: Learning to Coach

        14:45 — 15:00          Break

        15:00 — 16:45          Module 7: Long Term Plan

        16:45 — 17:00          Summary, high fives



        Nick talks you through the workshop itinerary.

        Meet The Speakers

        Nick Schuster, owner of Scarborough Physiotherapy and Health and Founder of the Ultimate Physio

        Nick Schuster is a physio, business owner, and author of “Becoming the Ultimate Physio - a practical guide to private practice success”. In his 15 years as a physio clinic owner, he has seen it all. He has interviewed, mentored and hired hundreds of physio, allied health and admin staff, and he knows what makes employees tick. After going through a significant period of upheaval at his clinic in 2014 Nick has designed a unique leadership and team mentoring method that has allowed him to double his clinic revenue while halving his clinical hours, and creating a work environment in which his team loves coming to work, and perform at their best on a daily basis. Nick will teach you how to achieve your version of success in your clinic, through leadership and team mentoring education.

        Clinic owner feedback

        I actually had a look back on the content yesterday before a meeting with one of my senior staff. Had a great chat about her role and identifying changes she would like to make - then linking some dissatisfaction to some limiting beliefs she self identified. The content you gave us is gold - I am still learning to put my spin and leadership style on it. I also love your owner position description and have made my week that focuses on my own high skill fun activities. I'm still wishing my practice manager was Ruth - but slowly getting more out of my Practice Manager and Admin team. Please keep doing what your doing! It is amazing you packed so much value into a 2 day course!

        Clinic Owner, Western Australia



        Level 2,151 Rathdowne St, Carlton, VIC 3053

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